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Primary Flood

"Quackin' Good Coverage for Every Splashy Situation!"

Our primary products originate from Domestic Excess and Surplus markets, Various syndicates within Lloyd’s of London, as well as other international insurers and include some of the most sophisticated risk takers in the industry. A Lloyds cover holder, we have successfully managed a primary flood insurance delegated authority program since 2018. All of our carriers are rated AM Best A- or Greater. Our suite of products include coverages that offer NFIP Replacements with enhancements as well as blanket limits spread across multi-location portfolio’s.

For single location residential and commercial properties with TIV < $5M, please submit via online rater. Register here to submit risk via the online rater or email submission to quote@floodsol.com. For risks with TIV > $5M, please submit by email to Juan Roldan jdav@floodsol.com (813) 336-8226 x1828.

Excess Flood

"Floods Beware: Rubber Ducks on Duty!"

Our suite of products typically sit excess of NFIP, property carrier flood sub-limits, or other monoline flood placements. We offer business income on a drop-down basis with a waiting period trigger. The excess flood programs are offered in conjunction with FRS’s primary flood offerings and as standalone monoline placements. While our in-house authority is up to $7.5M in limits, we commonly structure limits to $25M through our Domestic and Lloyds markets.

For single location residential and commercial properties with TIV < $5M, please submit via online rater. Register here to submit risk via the online rater or email submission to quote@floodsol.com. For monoline excess flood risks with TIV > $5M, please submit by email to Ana Duque anam@floodsol.com (813) 336-8226 x1833.

Flood Rater

"Quack the Code to Flood Protection!"

Our flood rater is our leading-edge technology, developed to simplify your life in regard to rating flood and additional product lines. The rater canvasses the private marketplace as well as the NFIP, delivering real time quotes that are bindable online. We can provide rates for the entire market within 30 seconds and settle a transaction within 2 minutes (rate, bind, pay). The rater is equipped with the latest technology enabling agents and end consumers to sign and complete the entire transaction effortlessly. The rater is unique in that it can price both residential and commercial and now can also rate excess flood.

Register here to submit risk via the online rater or contact Portal Manager David Orduz davido@floodsol.com (813) 336 8226 ext 1837.
For a truly seamless agent experience, we have integrated the Flood Rater with several homeowners’ comparative raters (i.e. EZ Lynx) and offer direct API integration with homeowners and property insurers and MGA’s. For rater and carrier integration opportunities please contact Ilya Ilyayev ilya@floodsol.com.

Parametric Solutions

"Duck Tales: Insurance Edition – Quacktastic Protection!"

Our parametric suite of products brought to you by the largest insurers and reinsurers in the world, focus on risk from a true risk management perspective. While many products are designed to satisfy mortgage compliance, our parametric suite of products turns the traditional approach on its head, to re-evaluate and potentially bring a more efficient approach to managing risk. Utilizing the premier parametric flood products in the US, we structure a parametric trigger based on: Local river or tide gauges, Custom on-site gauges, Inundation to an 1-5 square mile area based on historical events, Inundation based on real time satellite imagery, as well as Wind Speed (Tropical Storm and Cat 1-5). We have also recently began offering Parametric Wind products.

The parametric products are ideal for locations where traditional indemnity coverage products are not available or are too expensive or as a compliment to traditional policies. Parametric products are designed using a numerous probability factors and do not rely on the physical characteristic of the property. Locations in tier 1 wind zones and negatively elevated flood locations are prime beneficiaries. Risk managers can use the funds for any purpose including business interruption and extra expense once the policy is triggered whether there was or was not direct damage to the property. These products are ideal for municipalities, agriculture risks, larger value structures (> $50M TIV), and for risk management accounts.

To learn more about our parametric offerings and to apply for coverage, please contact Brendan Moeller bm@floodsol.com.

Wind Deductible Buy-Downs

"Flood Risk Solutions: Where Ducks Meet Deductibles!"

We offer wind and named storm deductible buy downs using both traditional and parametric insurance. With deductibles severely increasing over the last few years while lenders continue to maintain stringed deductible requirements, the deductible buy-downs offer the ability to remain lender compliant and to mitigate the risk of the high deductibles now commonly offered by majority of the insurers.

Our deductible buy-down online rater is coming soon. In the interim, for quotes, please submit to Nicolas Arena at NicolasA@floodsol.com (813) 336 8226 ext 1835.

Custom Flood Risk Transfer / Modeling & Analytics

"Quack Up Your Defense Against Floods!"

Our custom flood offering involves manual underwriting and construction of a tailored solution beyond what is typically available in the marketplace. This is typically for large complex transactions over $500M in TIV and require Cat Modeling, Engineering work, as well as flood mitigation and flood resiliency. Our modeling and analytics team can bring a unique perspective into your complex flood problems. Is your client looking for additional analysis that could help with decision making? Are there questions you have regarding your actual risk? Risk Modeling using the latest flood models as well as data analysis are a couple of services we can provide to your organization.

For more information custom flood risk transfer and modeling & analytics, please contact Maria Castro mcris@floodsol.com (813) 336 8226 ext 1831.

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